Men verses Animals

Is there a difference between men and animals?

What a preposterous question? Of course there is!

I understand the righteous indignation on such an affront to one’s dignity. Let us take a shallow dive and see this through. A typical stray canine’s life story would be great subject for this case study. What does it do all its life? The major purposes of all actions that a stray dog does are food, reproduction and safety, maybe some recreation. Is there anything else that it does?

Now, what does a man do all his life which falls outside the above categories of possible outcomes? Please note that I mean humanity as a whole, not an individual here. Our jobs, families, love interests, recreational pursuits, culinary excursions, all boil down to the same purpose buckets as of a dog, so what’s the difference.

The difference is, drum rolls please, that humanity as a whole has been able to do stuff that causes the lives of each of us markedly different from , and arguably better than, our forefathers. And by induction, humanity is doing stuff that will give our children a different life that we lead. Issac Newton, in a letter to Robert Hooke on February 15, 1676 said,

If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders of Giants.

It is those giants, and the very act of being able to stand on their shoulders, and the desire to do so, and the new horizons that we have been able to see and conquer and be those giants in the process, that makes us HUMAN. The people that spend their lives in the daily grind and rigmarole have no more claims to the word HUMAN than our canine friends. The intellect, its sharpening and passing the flame are our only hope.

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