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Innovation – Chaos and Order

We often lament that big technological and scientific breakthroughs do not come often enough from non-western societies; India being a case in point. China has started being an exception (which is an evidence in favour of my hypothesis, as you … Continue reading

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How to be employable

I had a chance to address a gathering of about 150 “soon to graduate” engineering students a few months back. Here are my speech notes: Transcribed and lightly edited: Long term 1. Engineering is not domain specific and cannot directly … Continue reading

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The identity crisis stemming from technology progress and AI

There has been a lot of discussion over the technological aspects of AI and its direct short term impact on jobs and employment. However, there is a deeper civilization change that AI may herald, which is not often explored. But … Continue reading

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Erlang’s Queuing theory applied to Capacity planning for a Development House

Any development shop has multiple functions or verticals, separately staffed and having individual capacity and service profiles. For example, a typical SW development shop will have Requirements analysts, Designers, Developers, Testers, Release and configuration management people, and support people. Each … Continue reading

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Enlightenment Now, Steven Pinker’s Magnum Opus- a review

One of the authors that I have taken to like a duck to water has been Steven Pinker. He has a style of writing where he breaks down complex issues and erects a data and evidence based structure to address … Continue reading

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Is Human Intelligence somehow special?

  The artificial Intelligence community is in the news now-a-days, mostly for the right reasons. The resurgence of research in this area has been explosive, and that is not an exaggeration. A proxy for the uptick in research is the … Continue reading

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Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Submitted for publication in a magazine for restricted circulation within the employing organisation, all rights reserved. © In the recent years, there have been phenomenal advances in the state of the art in Deep learning and Deep neural networks, one … Continue reading

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